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February 5, 2008



Faculty and Staff

Warren K. Wray, Ph.D., P.E.

Strategic Plan Implementation
Dr. Warren K. Wray, Provost

The Missouri S&T Strategic Plan is supported by an annual (one-year) Tactical Plan that identified items (called "Actions") to be accomplished over the one-year period specified in the Tactical Plan. The FY2008 Tactical Plan contains 50 Actions. On January 7, 2008, the Strategic Planning Committee held a one-day retreat to measure progress being made on the FY2008 Tactical Plan's Actions. The Officer of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for each Action reported on the status of each Action as of November 15, 2007. As you might expect, some Actions have been completed, some are in progress, and a few have yet to commence.

The PowerPoint slides used by the OPRs at the January 7 retreat, as well as the Strategic Plan and the Tactical Plan, are available for review at the Provost's web site http://provost.mst.edu.

Subsequent to the assessment of the progress being made and the end-of-year progress reports, the Strategic Planning Committee will review the Strategic Plan and extend the plan by a year so that we are always working with a four-year planning document. The Committee will also develop another one-year Tactical Plan to be pursued during FY2009. It is anticipated that these updated plans and the year-end progress report will be posted for review and comment in late July or early August.

As always, the Strategic Planning Committee, which is comprised of faculty, staff, and students, welcomes comments and suggestions. Such contributions should be submitted to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.


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