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Dear (student's first name):

Welcome back!

Student Affairs sincerely hopes your continued experience at S&T will be rewarding and filled with creative and innovative learning. The college years present numerous opportunities and potential challenges along the way. Decisions you make today will impact your future, including the choices you make regarding the use of alcohol.

To become responsible members of the S&T community, it is valuable for you to learn about identifying risk factors and monitoring drinking patterns, as well as to become familiar with campus-specific norms and resources. For this reason, I request that you complete the S&T Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO. This personalized 20-minute online screening tool provides individualized feedback from a number of variables and compares your reponses to national and campus data. Every student who completes the module will be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift card to the Missouri S&T Bookstore. Responses are confidential.

I don't drink alcohol! ... What value is this program to me?
Our most recent data indicates that 32% of S&T students under the age of 21 choose not to drink alcohol. S&T students also look out for one another with 96% indicating they would step in and do something if a friend was drinking too much. (Missouri College Health Behavior Survey [MCHBS] 2013, N=442).

Although the number of S&T students who consume alcohol at low-risk levels or choose not to drink continues to increase, it is likely that you will know someone (a classmate, friend, teammate or family member) who consumes at a level of concern. By providing information on how to respond and resources available, eCHECKUP TO GO supports and empowers you to help a friend, help yourself and strengthen the wellness culture on campus.

As the inventors, explorers and entrepreneurs who will transform tomorrow, your lifelong learning and development are imperative. I appreciate you taking the time to become informed about the impact of alcohol by completing eCHECKUP TO GO. I am confident that your engagement in campus programs and services will be rewarding for years to come.

My sincere best wishes for your continued success,

Debra G. Robinson, Missouri S&T

Debra Robinson
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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