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March 20, 2015

All full-time faculty and administrative staff in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business

I would like to invite you to share your opinions regarding the performance of your department chair, using an online survey that can be found HERE. This survey will remain active until Friday, April 10, 2015, and I will send a reminder email in late March.

Please be assured that this survey is anonymous and no log in is required. You will not even be asked to identify your rank or position, since some departments are so small that this disclosure could compromise anonymity. You will be asked 40 multiple-choice questions, which should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Please respond only to those questions that you feel apply to your chair or department; each multiple-choice question includes a “N/A,” or “not applicable” choice, or you may skip questions altogether, if you choose.

At the end of the survey there are two text boxes intended to capture your written comments about your chair’s performance. One text box asks for comments that will be shared with your chair. The other asks for confidential comments that will NOT be shared with the chair. The text boxes will expand to accommodate statements of any length, so feel free to compose your comments in another program and then paste them into the text box, if you’d like. Please allow sufficient time to complete the survey in one sitting, as it is not possible to save a partially completed survey and then come back to it later.

Your participation in this survey is very important to me, to your chair, and to your entire department. After the survey closes, I will meet with all chairs individually, and during those meetings I will discuss the nature of your department’s responses as a whole, including the comments. I will share the actual text of those comments designated as meant to be shared with the chair, but please be assured that I will not provide the text of the confidential comments. I will also meet with each department’s faculty, excluding the chair, to discuss the outcomes of this survey and to hear from you directly.

I want you to know that your opinions about the leadership of your department are extremely important, and will be carefully reviewed and addressed. I strongly encourage you to participate in this survey, and to share your valuable insights and experiences.


Stephen P. Roberts, Vice Provost and Dean
College of Arts, Sciences, and Business

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