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april 2013
Eugene L. Olcott, MetE'40

Eugene Olcot, MetE'40, changed his major from electrical to metallurgical engineering because he believed "the equipment was better."

Nearly 75 years later, in August 2012, the dedication of the Eugene L. Olcott Metallography Laboratory honored his memory - and his passion for technology - with a gift to S&T students: a material sciences lab in McNutt Hall filled with state-of-the-art polishing equipment.

  Read more about this gift from the Olcott family in the Spring issue of the Missouri S&T Magazine.


Raising sustainability - recycling center in Hasselmann House
Eimer names recycling center

Thank you to Richard Eimer, EE'71, president-elect of the Miner Alumni Association Board of Directors, and his wife, Cathy, whose generous gift in support of Hasselmann Alumni House will name the Eimer Family Recycling Center.

Through the Eimers' generosity and matching funding from the Koeppel Challenge, our alumni house will engage in sustainable environmental practices with a substantial recycling center. Read more about Hasselmann House and how you can make a difference.

Hugh Cole, Chairman OGS
from the chairman

Dear Fellow OGS Members,

Thank you to those who participated in our OGS Survey this past September. Your responses were honest, insightful and a great help to us in planning our 2013 Minerfest (see details in this issue).

To share a few highlights from the survey, it probably comes as no surprise that OGS members are divided as to where and when OGS Weekends should be held. Nearly 50 percent of you prefer to gather in conjunction with other university events (Academy meetings and alumni association board meetings, in particular), and 63 percent indicate a preference for Rolla as the location.

In terms of frequency, 55 percent of you prefer annual OGS Weekends while 45 percent indicate a preference for gathering every other year. Although a strong majority of respondents confirmed that they value connecting with fellow OGS members, a number indicated a preference for directing the money spent on OGS Weekend to support students or departmental needs. Above all, many OGS members expressed the desire to learn more about the impact of their gifts.

I am pleased to report that we've taken your feedback to heart, and our 2013 Minerfest will include a Battle of the Brains (see details in this issue), a night of food and fun bringing OGS members together with our student scholars. We are also in the process of shooting a video that will highlight how OGS members are making a difference. We've talked with students, crisscrossed campus with our cameras, and found some fantastic success stories made possible by your generosity. We will be screening the video at our OGS Dinner and Induction Ceremony on April 20. I cannot tell you how excited I am to offer this dynamic testament to the power of your giving.

The Order of the Golden Shillelagh has always been a donor-led giving circle. I am proud of the hard work and commitment that brings us to our 36th year, and I look forward to what the future holds.

With gratitude to each of you,
Hugh Cole, EMgt'72

Missouri S&T Miners by Design
Miners by Design: Investing in Ingenuity

S&T's student design teams transform dreams into deliverables every day, building solar homes, suspension bridges, sanitation systems â€" and a better world.

These pioneers on the frontier of the future are backed by Miners By Design, a group of investment partners who believe it takes a team to change the world.

It isn't surprising that the founders of Miners by Design are OGS members. Through their efforts, the group now includes nearly 90 donors committed to providing the resources that encourage student-led R&D.

Learn how you can join Miners by Design. Visit the alumni association website for information on upcoming section events featuring S&T's student design teams.

Missouri S&T Miners by Design  
miners by design   section events

Meet the founders

Support these Miner teams

These visionary investors continue to play a vital role in supporting the student teams that are designing and building our future.

Dick and Nancy Arnoldy
Keith and Pat Bailey
Bob and Kim Brinkmann
Jeff and Jane Brummet
Roger and Sandy Dorf

Brad and Connie Hornburg
Barry and Deborah Koenemann
Fred and June Kummer
John and Susan Mathes
Jeff and Mary Steinhart

Become a member of Miners by Design. More information here.



Alumni may register for any of these events listed below at mineralumni.com.

Bay Area
Human Powered Vehicle Competition
1 p.m. Friday, April 12
Dinner after competition
6:30 p.m. Friday, April 12

Baja SAE Competition
Sunday, April 21

Motor City
Formula SAE Competition
1 p.m. Friday, May 10
Dinner after competition
7 p.m. Friday, May 10
Brooklyn, MI

Robotics Competition
1 p.m. Saturday, June 8
Dinner after competition
7 p.m. Saturday, June 8
Rochester, MI

Formula SAE Competition
1 p.m. Friday, June 21


and homebuilder

Rachel Birchmeier, NucE'12, graduated last year and began a 3,600-mile road trip – on a bicycle. As a volunteer for Bike & Build, she rode across the United States with a group of students, building affordable housing along the way. After nearly three months of pedaling and personal growth, Birchmeier traded in her bike shorts for business clothes and started her career at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, where she designs nuclear-powered submarines for the U.S. Navy. Read "Biking for a Cause" to learn more about Rachel's extraordinary summer.

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ogs annual weekend
OGS Annual Weekend, Minerfest 2013
minerfest   at-a-glance

Our 2013 OGS Weekend...

What's happening?

... brings it home for a celebration of friendship and familiar favorites. Join your fellow OGS members (and new inductees) in savoring the tastes, treasures and traditions of Rolla.

Learn more online.


Wednesday, April 17
Woman of the Year Award

Thursday, April 18
Bertelsmeyer Hall Groundbreaking

Friday, April 19
Battle of the Brains Scholarship Dinner

Saturday, April 20
Day trips:
•Cork and Fork
•Red, White and Brew
•Swept Away

6:30 p.m.: Social Hour, Dinner and Induction Ceremony



OGS member Jerrold M Alyea, MetE'60, MS MetE'68, died on October 30, 2012 in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Every member of the Missouri S&T family extends our deepest sympathy to Jerry's wife, Judy, their children and family members.

As a student, Jerry was a member of the National Honor Fraternity, president of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, and a Distinguished Military Student who went on to serve as an Army Reserve Company Commander at Ft. Leonard Wood. Jerry began his professional career with the Olin Corporation, where he received two patents for composite coining metals chosen by the U.S. Treasury to replace silver in quarters and dimes. Jerry later owned Community Building Centers of Butler, Nevada, El Dorado and Lamar, Missouri, and Complete Building Center of Blue Springs. He was also a community leader, serving on many boards including the Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners and as past president of the Blue Springs Rotary Club.

Read more about Jerry's achievements and contributions in the Kansas City Star. Missouri S&T is very grateful to the OGS members, alumni and friends whose memorial gifts to the Jerrold M. and Judith C. Alyea Pi Kappa Alpha Achievement Scholarship will provide academic opportunity while honoring the legacy of a loyal alumnus, leader and friend.


The Shillelagh newsletter is printed annually and published digitally twice per year expressly for OGS members. We arei adding a "Class Notes" section dedicated to sharing your personal and professional news. To include your class notes in upcoming issues of Shillelagh, please forward your news to Melpo Mankin at mankinm@mst.edu.


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